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Scorpio man

       When you talk about come Scorpio, one of the most important personality characteristics in mind, it is passion. The same is true for Scorpio to person. He was very passionate about everything around him, including love. If you look at the surface, it will look very still and quiet. See below that the outer layer, and you will find it a glow of passion. If you are afraid of being burned, it is better to put your running shoes and ran away. Do not mess with a Scorpio person until you sure that this man you want.

       If you can not go near him, you will be with a warm fire, you will be rewarded certainly never be cold again. As soon as you saw on the piercing, hypnotic eyes of a man of Scorpio, you will never be entirely neutral with respect to them. The property profile of an odd combination of intellect, philosophy, emotion and passion. He loves luxury, and indulge in excesses in general, in the case of food, drink and love. Thus one saw that - the love! Yes, it's true. Scorpio men are very passionate about love and romance.

       They never get into them unawares. You know it, because they speak learned. Even the most innocent-looking Scorpio man will always be filled with the passion within. Do not excite yourself. The enraged man Scorpio can give you a life lasting scars, especially when he wounded. It should be in every aspect of life and not something breaks in it to win. However, it seems an ideal sportsmanship and never lets you know that feeding the defeat him.

       Scorpio is probably the guy keeps the girl who was tortured with it before. If you secure better with someone that is the call perfectly. He will never be a girl that is ridiculous and impertinent to go. Gossip is rarely interested in him, and he is hardly concerned about the opinions of others. He knows what he is and what they say or think, that make little difference. Forget the others have, not their friends or relatives. He is one of those who you marry, even if the whole world against you.

       As soon as he was closer to you and formed opinions about you, no one in the world can download it. Honesty, sincerity, courage and reliability is rooted in male Scorpio. He has never allowed himself to self-pity and envy someone behind him. Who can be better than a scorpion? If you participate with my fellow Scorpio, better, to a certain courage in yourself, have it. If you plan to try him for a woman to the mystery, it certain that he is getting dressed. Then prepare yourself to this mystery began.

       He loves to solve the puzzle, and you will be probed deeper and deeper until all secrets. He is very picky with my friends, so you can imagine what he wanted in the case of a lover to do. It will be like going through X-ray machine. Once he decided that you are alone, he will drown in their passion. It is a combination of a cave man and demanding Prince. One thing you have to get used to a man, the fact that Scorpio is he can never show their feelings in public. Infact, he can laugh even you above all people.

       They are angry, right? This was expected. But when you're alone, "he whispered those sweet nothings in his ear that you fall in love with him again. If you have doubts about your appearance, it does not ask. He is an honest opinion. He never said you are looking like a princess, if you look for, as carelessness. However, if you a compliment, you can be sure that comes from the heart. When he says: "You look like Miss Universe, just hurry up and fill out the form for this beauty contest in the period ends.

       Scorpio men jealous and possessive to the extreme. Do not even think about teasing him with another man, he would break out of the volcano, as your male friends may end up in hospital. On the other hand, you can be a lot of reasons to be jealous. There is hardly a person on this earth, can resist the magnetic personality of Scorpio. Always remember that the term is synonymous with loyalty to the scorpion, and how many charms of other women, he continues, obliged.

       As the father is Scorpio people demand discipline, respect for the elderly and the independence of their children. You may need to teach him to show his feelings toward them and affectionately. In this case, we must act with tact and diplomacy. Never try to dictate to him how he behaved with their children. After the reading, you are asked if you think about the whole situation again. Do not believe me, no one can resist male Scorpio, and you also have such a person.

       Once he has decided that for him, he will charm you out of your mind. You will be mesmerized by his exciting and close his eyes and have no time to escape. If you have courage and patience, his touch is as cool as ice cream and passion as hot as lava. He will take you with me, and you see the world as never before. If you can understand it, he is most kind, caring, loving and selfless people to be in this world. You will have a husband, most women only dream of!

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