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Sagittarius man

       There are very few opportunities to find someone, Sagittarius alone. Most likely, you'll always find him surrounded by the crowd. It is fully Upto to leave you that amount and get closer to him. He is also very optimistic about life and this optimism is sometimes framed blind faith. This attitude leads him to trust almost everything and usually it ends up in pain. Sagittarius men are always running after some high dreams that are probably not alone, and never thought before.

       At work, he often sees in the puddles, falls flat on his back, and then will not suffer. This does not mean that dreams are not practical. It would be thoroughly investigated, and they are too realistic, if not the world is prepared for them. The problem is that in his enthusiasm, he trusts everyone, and some of these people to beat his dreams, even before he could try to implement them. Nevertheless, the guy is extremely lucky Sagittarius, which is rare.

       Although his dream is not the way it is planned, he would end up getting something useful. It can happen if he returned with empty hands, and then he has the ability to forget and go on. The same is the case with the love, too. Sagittarius men tend to move about lost love with the same ease as lost dreams. When they had friendly relations, they tend to look much further than the outer characteristics. The heart is more important than appearance. Sagittarius man is not so many enemies.

       Even those who are his opinions and comments Frank to realize damage usually their intentions are harmless. He may lack tact, diplomacy and consideration, but he has never deliberately mean. He did not know what the truth is glossed over and his statements are always simple, direct and point. Nevertheless, the people will never get away from him forever. They will come as soon as the anger subsided, and then to close friends again. Man Sagittarius rare form of long-term relationships.

       Most of them would be casual and at the time, they can be promiscuous. Yet he has never dishonest in a relationship and would never say "I love you", even if it does not mean it. He will tell you everything about his past relationships, and what he expects from the current one with you. It is rare, but his flirtation is sometimes confused with the obligations and as a result of a proposal of the girl. If this happens, he will definitely think about it, and most probably agree to a marriage that is determined to lead to divorce.

       Sagittarius Guy flirt, but he does not always have the dissolved form of relationship. He may for a partner with the Platonic walk and look you enjoy. Sometimes can be confused with his kindness Flirt. When you connect in serous relationship with a man, remember that he looks like a woman with brains. Intelligence makes it and bimbos are strictly taboo. Once you have managed to win the love of the Sagittarius man, give him freedom. In return, never allow him to curb his independence.

       Do not try to bind it and please never be suspicious. He is too honest for disloyal to you, and he expects you to be honest and truthful answer. Boredom makes him unhappy, and he wants his wife, in life, when he enthusiastically. Continuing his mysterious dreams and when he's not down, you are busy with other things. Once you are secure in their willingness to drop subtle hints about marriage. However, it will never offer it or recommend it.

       One could even say that if relations do not lead to marriage, you can be good friends. In all likelihood, your contactors man to propose marriage and make it work as well. He never let his family members or relatives interfere in your life and you have to do the same. Never doubted his integrity or you have to bear his temperament. When and if he is wrong, it will always come and admit it. He believes that truth and honesty is the foundation of all relationships, and it will be necessary to follow them.

       Sagittarius man wants his wife to mix with people like he does. If you reserved a little, try to come out of your limitations. He will never try to put together limits to you, and he would not mind even if you work after marriage. With it, you are preparing to direct some criticism. Infact, at this time, you have already got used to it. It may take some time to get used to the children, but once he does, he will become their closest friends and give them lots of love and tenderness. Remember, when children come. He was the first love of your life and should remain so. Just be there when he visited, and always there for you in return!

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