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Pisces personalities &Traits & Astrological profile & Characteristics

Pisces Zodiac Sign
February 20 to 20 March
Symbol: Fish
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Quality: Mutable
Element: Water
Key Features: I Believe
Closest Metal: Germanium and Strontium
Happy Day: Thursday
Lucky colors: silver, green sea, mauve, purple and violet
Lucky Gems: Amethyst
Lucky Flowers: Iris, orchids, violets and lilies of the water

       Fish in the latest sign of the zodiac, the character is "the fish. Pisces people are very interested in the material things of life and not those for which the money runs out. Not to be contrary to the wealth, but they are aware of their transience. You are not greedy about anything, least of all wealth. Fish has a simple negligence on the morrow. Fishes show one of the two most important personality characteristics - with the flow or against him. You are to go either, where it takes the current, or her around.

       Only if they choose the second, if they really happy and satisfied with their lives. If they succeed in doing this, they are sure to achieve the highest success. Pisces characteristics profile exhibits a lot of charm and very friendly relations. He does not have concerns about the restrictions, as long as the right to dream and live their lives. Radical views to stimulate it and not at all an insult to his excitement. Very few things make him lose himself. If the fish is angry, it is better to avoid.

       He is the sarcastic remarks, rude, and you slash with a sharp tongue. The best part is that the anger seldom lasts long, and it will, as always, calm down again. As he sees it, his eyes seem to be covered with rose-colored glasses. Fish live in their own world, even if they are full, the brutal side of humanity. In their world, everyone is good and everything is in order. They are very sharp memory and usually remember every detail.

       If we give a description of each fish, one of the most important functions, the reassuring stability in their souls. Even in the worst storms, the fish has never been in a panic, and keep his balance. He has a good intuition, and if he tells you not to leave the house on any given day, is it better to stay home. Fish in the latest sign of the zodiac and represents the death and eternity. This combination of properties of all the other zodiac signs. Precisely because of this merger, which is very difficult to truly understand the fish.

       He is a great organizer and pays attention to details (eg Virgo), is a fair and independent decisions (eg scale), with the understanding and capricious (eg, cancer), shows honesty and kindness (eg contactors), loves people and attention ( For example, Leo) and analytical (eg, Aquarius). At the same time, he very quickly and cleanly (like Gemini), speaks passive and opinionated (and Taurus), can not know your deepest secrets (for example, Scorpio), shows performance of duty (eg, Capricorn), and is interspersed with optimism, innocence and desire (eg Aries).

       Fish like to argue, loves nature and spends a fierce ambition. He was deeply interested in music and art. He is intelligent and very compassionate to the weak. He loves to help people in need, and uses most of its energy to do everything. You'll never know when Pisces is deeply hurt. He hides his deep emotions behind a veil of humor. Humor can be a warm and innocent or cold and ruthless. However, this is certainly a mask for a different emotion, more often than not.

       Laughter is his best cover, and he will use it intelligently. It is the compassion for the sick and even tried to understand the feelings of loneliness. Even those who are weak selection will be shoulder to cry fish to get are. He never judges people and they take as they are. He knows all your flaws and virtues, understands them and will still be there when you need it. He wants to help everyone, but most people do not understand the sensitivity of the fish. It takes both positive and negative vibrations around him.

       The world needs creativity, imagination and sympathy of fish and they know it. Very often, they bury their dreams, to see their friends, their ambitions. A quality of the fish, the angry much that they respond to questions in the hatred of a simple "yes" or "No". In most cases the answer is "Maybe." Still, he loves, and he lets you know know that he is much stronger and wiser than most men, he has to understand just that. The moment when he has to struggle against the tide, you know, will they reach the shore, before anyone else.

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