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Libra man

       Libran man can answer all your questions, but he can not solve the puzzle of your typically girlish dreams. He likes to maintain a balance in everything that does, and this includes love. If you are fascinated by them were all there is a tiny chance that you will be able to get away from him. Even if we try to retire, he will use such arguments that you have no choice but to stay, will convince you. It reveals the contradictions of his behavior with such charm that you will again be trapped, nowhere to go.

       God help you if he smiles! You fall in love with him again. Do not blame men smiling balance is so fascinating that even his enemies can resist. Now that you are completely in love, you are obliged to forget their existence. His charm is you saw in his dreams and his happiness to be your priority outcome. The first thing that strikes him, he finds it very difficult to decide. If after much consideration, he was able to do so, he may change his mind in a second if he thinks he made a mistake.

       If you really want to fight him, turn his back on him while the fights and Stuff your ears with cotton wool. If he looks at you with a smile that it and starts his convincing arguments that the flat tone that will not stand a chance to win. As for romance, your account balance guy will never keep up with him. He can his pleasant manner and graceful charm and win a girl in sight. When he wins her heart, he was not quite sure what to do with it, and that's when the problems begin. Even if the situation requires it to break, he will always try to move it as far as he can.

       While he does this, just to make sure that it is better for both of them, it hurts the human senses in the process. Even otherwise, if he decides whether to propose marriage or not, is no less painful. In addition, if he thinks it is unfair to you, the confusion becomes even clearer. Libran men have a tendency to be confused with love, friendship, and vice versa. They continue to search for the ideal girl, and if the relationship is not, as expected, they are a little grief and move it to life.

       Lost love seldom makes a gaping wound in the heart of the scale. He forgives and forgets. Man Scales never interested in other people my secrets. He plunges deeper into the subject, just to get a fair opinion about this, and not to the anatomical position. wants everything to have it to the facts, not personal nuances lie beneath them. It is the opinion of your behavior, but it does not take too much pain to know why you behave like you. Balance, as the judge who based his decisions on facts is, they do not run emotions. He is not interested in gossip and not to your personal secrets to tell anyone.

       You can trust him with all my heart. Libran male will listen to your inner dreams, desires and hopes. However, one should not expect to understand it, your silence hope. He was not very good that all your hopes can come thrashing to the floor. You have to learn to live with it. At the same time, do not expect it to take your side when you're wrong. It has a built-in fairness, even if it takes you. Libran guy is generous with money and greed is not one of the characteristics of his personality.

       His house is full of guests from time to time, but he has no desire to crowded places that are full of strangers. He loves people, but if the number is too large, it is uncomfortable. If you plan to marry him, develop a habit made home neat, clean and full of good humor. Libran guy can not tolerate sloppiness and pungent smell of cooking for him depressed. It can be careless and sloppy even, but you have to keep themselves and children, and the house is attractive at any time. He can not talk about it, but is his behavior.

       Staying out late, sleeping all the time he is at home, and so on, some of the signs that all is not right. This is what to analyze and correct. Otherwise you might lose a very loyal, generous, fair and pleasant man who can melt any heart smile. As a father, a Libra man will teach their children a sense of justice, discipline and debate. He will live without her, but never before you come. His paternal love does not overshadow his romantic feelings for you. But do not forget to take the initiative in the relationship, save it and loved food, and he will always keep warm with his captivating smile!

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