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Aquarius Woman

       Inconsistency and confusion describe the characteristics of women visible Aquarius. The same is true love for life. She is very loyal, but at the same time it is somewhat isolated and not very emotional. You will be required and will remain true, but not try to link them. Let them enjoy the freedom and again it will come to you when she gets tired of her expeditions. Your dream is very different than a normal woman, and she hums the different settings that have never even heard most of us.

       Aquarian women, such as a butterfly which sits on every flower, but not heard. She loves her freedom, and if you can, they'll even more. In their boundless limits, her love is boundless. The position of power, and the question of its more than money and bank balances. If you want them to fall in love with you, accurately and honestly, and not only others but themselves. You do not have to abide by the rules. You can create your own Code of Ethics, but make sure that live in them.

       Passion is not one of the personality characteristics of Aquarius girls. On the contrary, their love will be subtle and modest. It is very high, but rather platonic be most of the time. Hosting, and with participation of the parties is natural to them, and they will always be a social delight. It will totally trust and will not be overly suspicious of their activities. You will not be by too much jealousy and possessiveness harassed on their part. My confidence comes from the fact that the Commission, they dissected your behavior under the microscope.

       Only after the trust in your honesty, they take the next step. However, if you become unfaithful to her, she will be very painful, and probably is, remember the wound for a long time. With Aquarius women, out of sight out of mind does, too. Also, make sure that it always be. It is a very strong will. If she believes that the link does not work and has no chance of improvement Furthermore, it will break it instantly, even though his heart broken can. Like any Aquarius, they will remember their first love of her life.

       Do not be nervous, it's better to be the first love in their lives. You will never ever dishonest in the relationship, and even enter if it is on an extramarital affair, it will end before it even starts. They will always try to find out your deepest thoughts and secrets, but their dreams are unattainable. Chatting with Aquarian women tend to joy, because of their charming manners. Your mind is quite unpredictable, and you will be hard to follow. You will live in the present, then suddenly sad yesterday, and then was excited about the future.

       You can give talk about fairies one day, the elves as humbug, on the other side. Never look down on them or they can not see encryption up to you. They respect you expect and return the same. As mothers, women of Aquarius, usually very loving and caring. Although at the beginning, they can be a little nervous about the idea of motherhood. But once she was well with him, he comes to them naturally. Aquarius woman may find it difficult to express their love in the form of hugs and kisses, and you have to inform her about it. She will never take the children with overload protection.

       Same time, there will always be a patient listener, his childhood and youth have problems. Teaching them discipline, your task will be. But that can happen all of this, you need to convince to marry her, and that is certainly not an easy task. You also have to teach the novel, in which the expression of emotions does not come too easily to her. She looked forward to your hand and walk beside you, but do not expect it in your eyes for a few hours.

       Not to smother your Aquarian girl with too much proximity to sell, they need their space, and he will give you. Things like suspicion, Accessories, Get chauvinism and criticism of her. Just be nice to her odd group of friends, and she will warmly welcome you to the house. With intuition and insight, can you solve a problem or two to help. It may seem wishful thinking at the moment, but then I remember, it looks to the future. Hold your hand, and it allows you to look into the future, where you live both comfortable with each other! Dating link

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