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Aquarius personalities &Traits & Astrological profile & Characteristics

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
January 21-February 19
Symbol: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Quality: Fixed
Element: Air
Key Features: I Know
Next metals: aluminum and uranium
Happy day: Saturday
Lucky color: Aquamarine, Electric Blue and Turquoise
Lucky Gems: Aquamarine
Lucky Flower: Orchid

       Aquarius is the penultimate sign of the zodiac. Aquarius lives in the real world, but he will talk about the future. He was very friendly and peaceful, but he likes to go against convention, every now and then. It is normally very soft spoken, but you may have been very surprised cavalier remarks and explanations. Every other person on this earth, my friend, and he uses the term "friend" very often. Every new thing interests of Aquarius, whether the new man in office, new books in the store or the new bartender at the pub usual.

       He loves to experiment, explore. His next may be interested, you and he will start on the microscopic anatomy Eye. Then, when you think you begin the main interest in life, he turns away, find something new and be employed to study again. She left to be confused and angry. Are you the person I am, better miles away from the face of Aquarius. His eyes are always clear and the view. His personality traits are persistence, creativity, ambition and love of freedom.

       On the other hand, its performance profile includes humor, diplomacy, kindness, compassion, and shyness. One moment, he is to be surrounded by a crowd of people, the immersion in safety, so many friends. But he is soon feeling very lonely, and I want to be left alone. Whether he is gay or sad, one thing is sure, will always Aquarius analyze the people around him. In the process, he may ask you very personal questions, not even batting an eyelash.

       While Aquarians are many friends, they do not have many close friends. They are the most in the number of interested and his friends rarely last a lifetime. Be firm in a relationship is not a cup of tea in Aquarius. It is always so much to see, as he remains on the lead only a few people. However, if you choose to touch his heart, he can again find that he had not noticed. He lives in the future, and the people are very difficult to deal with it.

       He brings a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. Aquarian genius, if he does not cross the line separating it from the eccentricity. His personality is a perfect symbol of a mysterious blend of gray, realism and non-volatility. He is a friend of everyone. While he had bouts of loneliness, he will soon return to his normal self. Remember not to disturb him if he wants to be alone. Ignore him and he comes back, all happy and cheerful.

       Aquarians do not like the obligations of any kind, however, if they did, they would stick it in full. They openly express their opinions, but never try to impose it on anyone. In return, to dictate how everyone should live their lives. They respect individuality and expect the same from you. " Aquarians are not crusaders, and rare that fights for the cause. He believes in revolution, but it allows other people to do the work necessary to achieve the same. After Aquarius was his opinion, it is difficult to move it.

       He is full of shocks and surprises, and is not likely that you know that his motives. He does not trust people easily, not until he studied all aspects of his personality. However, if he trusts you and make you my friend, no one in this world can swing it against you. Aquarium has a very good concentration of power. Although it looks as if he did not listen to you, he will know every word you said. He has a good memory, but it seems all that know you need to remember.

       Aquarians have an amazing instinct and intuition is very strong. You can know your innermost desires, not to speak with you. You can send thoughts so easily, too. Aquarians love change everything, except his own personality. He would also like to dishonesty and deceit, as he does not like borrowing and lending money. However, it can, and sometimes a fool you are completely harmless and subtle ways. If it's something, do not forget, he returned to the specified date and time.

       Aquarians Do not take all the broken promises or bad debts, easily. He keeps his word and pay contributions on time, so why can not you. The adoption of the conventions and power behind him, but he is to respect it, yet. He loves the freedom and push down a challenge which can not satisfy most people. Aquarians far ahead, but still desirable to try to catch him. Your success is not guaranteed, but you're a bit wiser in the process.

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