Astrology Horoscope

Pig (Boar)

Wild boar - the Chinese name: Zhu
Sort - Twelfth
Opening times ruled by Bohr: 21.00 bis 11.00 clock
Towards this sign - North-West
Season and principle month: Autumn - November
Fixed Element: Water

      In a meeting with the "Cabana" We feel his quiet sincerity and purity. He is so honest that he feels guilty for the slightest mistake, and it is more condescending and forgive others than of himself. He is smart and adjustment, and does not like me to other force or in the center. Chivalrous, gallant, courteous, conscientious in wine, it is naive, innocent, confident, and defenseless. He lets himself be easily fooled his own shortcomings accepted calmly, and others with tolerance. He is incredibly sincere, almost to the point of doing himself harm, and always has been disarmed dishonesty of others. It is rare, and even then only to defend themselves. Is powerless against the hypocrisy, he would often torment themselves in an attempt to justify their actions. He was absolutely straight dealer and it is very rare that he compromises. Ironically, even though Bohr believed, no doubt, anyone anything, he is always facing the need to prove that he says make demands,!

      People born in the year of the Boar have a taste for La Dolce Vita. Has a strong sense of luxury, they can extravagant, and with great pleasure you indulge yourself and your loved ones, they are thrilled with stimulation of the senses. However, if they get it to work right to have it. At this time, half-hearted attitude just will not know where they are, it's all or nothing.

      How monkey, wild boar, is the intellectual, the character with a great thirst for knowledge. He reads a lot, but reads everything that happened next. Although he seems to read well and know what is Boron only superficial. In line with this, says the Japanese proverb that the boar a "finger in the face, but is narrow in the back.

      Pig sensitive, caring and tolerant. Not only intelligent and educated, Kaban also strip obscenity and coarseness. The various indulgences can on the edge of gluttony. In contrast to the appeasement of Machiavelli's Animal Farm pigs of Chinese pigs are generally helpless and insecure. In the thick spell they suddenly lose everything and not in a position to defend themselves, let alone other attacks. Boars are generally happy but lazy.

      Boars can be very practical, logical and on the ground. It can sometimes be something cold and distant because, it is blessed as it with complete peace and serenity they are usually not allow emotions to confuse the issues. You are cheerful and love company and social lives. You will find it very easy to make friends, and seems to depend on them for life. For them capable of drilling the biggest victims. He is very carefully chosen few to earn his love. Women of this sign, like nothing better than to make gifts for the people and organize parties, they are wonderful hostess.

      Whatever may be his ambitions, regardless of the goals he set himself, wild boar his duty with all the strength that he was able to do, and that the same force, the inner strength to be reckoned with, a force that can not contradict. If Bohr came to the decision, nothing can stop him from execution. But before he comes, he spends ages weighing the pros and cons, which sometimes get the impression that he is undecided. Nothing could be further from the truth, but make sure he avoids the possible complications, it is sometimes so long that he destroys his own business thinking.

      Tireless worker, boars can in his career, especially if they are their own boss. Because they wanted to collect antiques and beautiful pictures, they can become an art dealer specializing in ancient times. Your goal is to live in relative abundance, both for themselves and their families, and enjoy the pleasures of life. Pig material is always all you need to live, regardless of his profession. Work and money in sufficient quantities, it seems to tend towards, without special effort. It will help him all his life, and through this help he could, if he wants to reach the highest heights in the financial world.

      Beliefs in the East, says that helping people in a way that it, just fatten him, so he will make more food in the new year. For this reason, wild boar are overly cautious and trust no one. If date of birth, is also drilling before the traditional feasts, he would store a lot of disappointment for him. But the approach to the Asian New Year, the more he is betrayed to be mocked, betrayed, and possibly in the long run, eaten!

      Although the overall tolerance and relatively quiet person, when it's absolutely backed into a corner, pigs can turn malignant. When they discover that their friendship and kindness have been seriously abused, not to quarter and that friendship somewhat rudely interrupted. Perhaps they could be accused of exhibitionism, be flirtatious and sometimes solved, but there is no doubt that the Boars usually sorted very good - an honest, decent, generous, helpful, loyal friends, reliable and thoroughly.

      The first stage in the life of boron is relatively peaceful. In the second, all kinds of marital problems should be attended to him. But whatever their concerns, wild pig, tact and modesty, will never ask anyone for help, he will try to get out of the dining room itself. His reticence in this regard can hurt because no one will even only imagine the torture he experienced.

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